APOLLO 32 Channel Pro DC

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Brand: QVIS
Product Code: I-APOPRODC32
Availability: In Stock

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Apollo 32 Pro DC is known for its mind boggling features. First thing first, it provides audio on all channels. Each channel has the option of CIF and special channels in D1 recording. It also provides live recording, playback and also backup and remote access. The built-in web server is also a feature needed to be talked about.  This system provide easy backup for USB devices, CD/DVD-RW & also able to download some network related facilities. Its alarm triggering screen helps to tip, buzz and many other things. It has smart video detection coupled with MD, camera blank and also video loss.

32 Channel DVR Security System

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Apollo HD Pro D1 32 Channel • 32 channels high performance standalone DVR • HD Ready, 720p • Audio on all channels. • Built in DVD Writer. • Up to 32 cameras with full HD 1080P display • H.264 video compression algorithm ideal • Each channel at CIF and special channel at D1 recording • Dual encoding streams supported • TV(BNC)/VGA/HDMI synchronous video output • live, recording, playback, backup & remote access • 16 channel simultaneous playback • Smart video detection: MD, camera blank, video loss • 3D intelligent positioning with DAHUA PTZ dome • Easy backup: USB devices, CD/DVD-RW & network download • Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, PTZ, e-mail, FTP upload • Up to 8 SATA HDDs & CD/DVD-RW, 1 eSATA, 2 USB2.0 • Built-in web server, multi-DVR client, MSS & CMS

Full HD

H.264 Compression

Spot Monitor

Built in DVD Writer

Dual Stream – Ideal for internet transmission

Remote connection via client and web browser

VGA, BNC, HDMI Outputs

16 Channel Playback


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