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XE-A102 is an electronic cash manual that is ideal for small and medium businesses. Easy to install and operate, it runs with minimum basic programs and with large LED operated display it is very convenient using. It is also saddled with widely spaced keys and the operation is pretty comfortable. A complete and compact unit which is self-contained, the system has a space saving drawer that allows the cash to be stored safely in the three tills of the system. There are also six coin compartments and the medial slot that is located in the cash drawer can help quick as well as safe use.


Display                   Operator Large LED 9 digits, 7 segments

Printer                    Type Drum

Digits 13 digits

Paper 57.5mm Width/Maximum

80mm Diameter Single Ply

Speed 1.4lines/sec

Drawer                   Bill 3 bill

Coins 6 coin

Keyboard                Type Normal

No. of keys 30

Department            Standard 8

PLU                          Standard 80

VAT/Tax System    4 rates

Dimensions            300 x 363 x 234mm

(W x D x H)

Weight                     5.0kg


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