What is IP camera?

The Abbrivation of the IP camera is ” Internet Protocol camera”. This camera is mostly used for surveillance and which is know as CCTV Ip camera. these camera can send and recive data via compluet netwrok and internet. in roder for better quality images these cameas data need to be send via CAT5 (RJ45) or CAT6 and one side of the cable Ip camera will be connted and otherside it can connoted to router or network switch. Some of the IP camera can be powerd by these network switch it self whcih is know as power over ethernet (POE).

IP camera comes with two difterent definition whcih are full HD 1080P and other one is HD ready 720p.these Ip cameras can be connected to the system call network video recorder (NVR) and it can be recoded on to this device with user deifne setting. these NVRs comes with 4/8/16/ and 32 IP camera inputs. these NVRs enable users to view the all the Ip cameras at same time on their laptop,computer,tablet, and mobile with the help of the internet.