Techcube are now venturing in to the LED market fully equipped with the latest LED technology. Using quality components and LED chips from high end manufactures including cree and Epistar, we offer long life and serviceability on all of our lighting products. Focusing on energy efficiency and performance we have a range of LED luminaires for the commercial, industrial, retail, and education sectors.

Much of our lighting confirms to the dialux software platform, benefits of this includes.

Simple , effective and professional light planning
Latest luminaire data of the world’s leading manufacturers
Latest state of the art software always available free of charge
Energy evaluation at the drop of the hat
Planning whole buildings

Having recently established ourselves within the lighting industry, TechCube has acquired lighting specialist from the biggest manufactures in the market to enhance our growing reputation and increase our brand reputation in the UK.

Our lighting specialists are on hand to offer assistance with the lighting designs, product recommendation and have the necessary experience to meet the most bespoke lighting requirement.

Up to 80% Energy saving

Ultra slim design and low glare
Good uniformity and improved spacing’s
Energy efficient & low maintenance
Long life and serviceability

The brand new and fully extensive LED lighting range brings you the Dual inline Panel lighting selection.

Replace existing panel lighting or install them into new builds/refurbishments, for a variety of circumstances, such as offices, schools, public buildings, hospitals and more. They have inbuilt dual redundancy power supplies and backup battery to make sure that they stay working even through power cuts or when component-damaging power levels run through them. They can also act as emergency lighting for when a fire or security alarm has been activated, illuminating the route to the nearest emergency exit. There are so many essential elements within their design, return on investment is guaranteed.

The huge selection on offer, the given ability to order in bulk for large installation jobs and our extremely competitive prices mean all your needs are covered!